- The Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Ltd

About Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association

Purpose of the Society
The Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Ltd, lists in its Memorandum of Association, the following objects, for which the Association was established:

When you purchase sheep registered in the Australian Flock Register, you will be invited to join the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Ltd. Membership will give you access to the Association-sponsored shows and sales and will enable you to make use of the Association's records of flocks, breeding, recording of pedigrees etc.

Application for membership is lodged with the Federal Secretary of The Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Federal Council, from where it then goes to the Federal Board for consideration.

When your application is made, you will be required to give information regarding the sheep you have purchased, and also to apply for a Stud Prefix, the name by which your Stud will be known.

Join with an Annual Membership WITHOUT a flock


ASSBA Members receive the Annual Flock Book and Muster magazine as part of their membership, however Non-members can order these if desired.

ASSBA Membership Fees

All fees include GST

Application Fee $ 20.00
Prefix Fee $ 20.00
Change of Prefix Fee $ 20.00
Annual Membership (includes state levy) $ 180.00
Annual Membership (without a flock) $ 60.00
Second and Subsequest flocks $ 80.00
Junior Membership 12-18 years (includes state levy) $ 80.00
Ewes in flock 1 year and over $ 0.65
Appendix Pure Bred Ewes $ 0.55
Appendix 50% Bred Ewes $ 0.35
Appendix 75% Bred Ewes $ 0.35
Appendix 87.5% Bred Ewes $ 0.35
{Breed} per stud levy $ 0.00
Suffolk per ewe $ 0.20
Southdown per ewe $ 1.00
Border Leicester per ewe $ 0.20
Registration and Transfer of Rams $ 15.00
Registration and Transfer of Registered Ewes $ 15.00
Transfer of Registered Rams $ 15.00
Transfer of Ewes $ 3.00
Transfer of Semen (per semen package, per stud ram) $ 15.00
Export Transfer Fee (Rams) $ 15.00
Export Transfer Fee (Ewes) $ 15.00
Export Certificates (per consignment) $ 50.00
Additional Flock Books (Non Members) $ 30.00
Additional Flock Books (Members) $ 20.00
Muster Subscription (Non members) $ 30.00
Penalty Fees
Reinstatement Fee - Junior Membership $ 80.00
Reinstatement Fee - Full Membership $ 180.00
Late Transfer Lodgement over 60 days from sale date $ 30.00