Suffolk Sheep are adaptable to all environments. The breed thrive in wet conditions with their hard black feet having immunity to foot diseases. They are also outstanding in dry areas where high fertility rams work well in hot summer conditions.

Resistance to Parasites:
Their clean face, crutch and points minimise fly strike and hardy constitution gives high resistance to internal parasites.

Owing to tremendous libido and greater activity, ram to ewe percentage can be reduced. More lambs can be dropped in a shorter period. Less rams are needed, thus less management time. Rams are active workers and are renowned for their longevity.

Ease of Lambing:
Lambs are born with narrow heads and smooth shoulders and are very strong at birth minimising lambing problems, loss of life and husbandry supervision.

Ideal Crossbreeder:
Suffolk sires are ideal for maiden ewes, Merinos and first cross ewes alike. They produce the ideal lamb for today's market.

Early Maturity:
Under favourable conditions Suffolk lambs mature for market as early as 9 to 12 weeks, or can be carried on to heavy weights.

Quality Carcase:
Full of fine grain, choice lean meat. Superb flavour with high proportion of lean meat to fat. The Suffolk breed has a great record worldwide, including England, Europe, Canada and USA for comparison trials and carcase competitions.

Skins are generally sold in mixed lots, the buyers not discriminating against the breed from which they originate.

Suffolk Wool:
When mated with Merino or first cross ewes, suffolk cross wool is comparable to the best cross bred wools. It is readily used in the woollen trade and is renowned for durability. Ideal for home spinners. White, fine and moderately short and dense (24 micron).

Breed Contact:
Suffolk Sheep Society of Australia
Secretary: Mrs. Deva Weitman, PO Box 120, Romsey Vic 3434
Phone: 0412 021 596