Perendale sheep are the progeny of second and subsequent crosses of Cheviot/Romney Cross sheep, i.e. Perendale rams or Cheviot/Romney Cross rams on Cheviot/Romney ewes, or Perendale rams on Perendale ewes. There are certain characteristics which have made the Perendale so popular in New Zealand and Australia as truly easy-care, multi-purpose sheep.

The Perendales are:

  • Alert and active, hence are excellent foragers and are easy to muster.
  • Hardy, survive drought and severe weather conditions better than most other breeds.
  • Efficient converters, utilising all feeds including dry, stemmy pastures.
  • Excellent breeders, possessing strong maternal instincts.
    They produce many sets of twins with unassisted lambing and wean a good percentage of strong lambs because of their high survival rates.
  • Producers of a fleece of reasonable weight and high yield, bulk and elasticity which is being keenly sought after by many different end-users.

Perendale rams are very active and a ratio of 1 ram to 75 ewes is adequate.

General Appearance:
A medium sized, white-faced sheep showing unmistakable Cheviot ancestry in its open face, the carriage of its head and neck and its ease of movement.

Resemblance to its other parent, the Romney, is shown in its weight of fleece and, to a lesser extent, in its size.

Breed Contact:
Australian Perendale Association
Secretary: Mrs. Antoinette (Toine) Bovill
Address: 1470 Loves Lane, Dumbalk Vic 3956
Phone: 03 5664 1258