Australian Hampshire Down Breeders Association

Secretary: Mathew Hill, 868 Horsham-Wal Wal Road, St Helens Plains Vic 3401 (Phone: 0488 159 853)


Dear Hampshire Down Breeder,

At the AHDBA Annual General Meeting held at the Royal Geelong Show on the 14th October 2016, a decision was made to request an additional ewe levy to be contributed by Hampshire Down breeders; and a vote was taken by breeders.

The sole purpose of this levy is to provide additional funding to the Australian Hampshire Down Breeders Association for the promotion of the Hampshire Down breed.

Subsequently, the AHDBA has asked ASSBA to collect this levy on its behalf as an additional breed ewe levy with the annual return fees.

Therefore we ask that you please provide a total ewe levy this year of $0.55 cents (GST inclusive) per ewe, plus the requested additional levy depending on the number of adult ewes in your flock - summarised as follows:-


# Ewes in Flock Additional Levy
0-10 $10.00
10-20 $15.00
20-30 $20.00
30-50 $25.00
50-100 $40.00
100 + $60.00

We trust that you will support this decision made by the AHDBA, which will enable us to continue to efficiently promote your breed.

On behalf of
Mathew Hill, Secretary
Australian Hampshire Down Breeders Association