The Australian Border Leicester Association Inc

President: Jeff Sutton, PO Box 281, Temora NSW 2666 (Phone: 0418 203 440)

Secretary: Ian Carr, "Castle Camps" PO Box 316, Keith SA 5267 (Phone: 0438 566 030)


Dear ABLA Member,

As you will all be aware over the last few years the Australian Border Leicester Association has requested an additional ewe levy of $0.20 cents per ewe.

This levy helps to provide additional funding to the ABLA for the promotion of the Border Leicester breed in the face of rising costs and competition from other breeds. The ABLA is also looking at support from agribusinesses, through sponsorship, so it can widen its income base and reduce the need for future increases in the ewe levy.

Therefore, you are reminded that the total ewe levy payable by Border Leicester breeders this year will be $0.75 cents (GST inclusive) per ewe and will be summarised on the Annual Return form as follows:-

Breakdown of ASSBA Ewe Levy for Border Leicester Breeders:

We trust that you will continue to support these decisions made by the ABLA, which will enable us to continue to efficiently promote your breed.

On behalf of
Ian Carr, Secretary
Australian Border Leicester Association